Russia.119361, Moscow, Ozernaya st. 46
+7 (495) 437 56 33


The main activities of the VNIIOFI are performed by key divisions, including:

  • 4 Scientific Research Departments (SRD)
  • 5 laboratories
  • 4 departments

17 doctors and 40 PhDs work in the VNIIOFI.


Scientific research departments Head
Scientific Research Department of radiometry, photometry, spectrophotometry and colorimetry of incoherent radiation Victor Sapritskiy Doctor, Prof.
Scientific Research Department of UV spectroradiometry, methods and instruments of controlling the influence of optical radiation in the UV range Sergey Anevskiy Doctor, Prof.
Scientific Research Department of holography and optical tomography Gennadiy Levin Doctor, Prof.
Scientific Research Department of laser metrology and radiometry Mikhail Ulanovskiy Doctor
Laboratories Head
Laboratory of biophysical and special information-measuring systems Vladimir Lyaskovskiy PhD
Laboratory of generation and measurement of the electromagnetic pulse parameters Konstantin Sakharov Doctor
Laboratory of low-intensity laser radiation and fiber optic system metrology Savkin Konstantin
Laboratory of optical spectral instruments Yevgeniy Rukin Doctor
Laboratory of electron-optical instruments for measuring high-speed process parameters Gregoriy Feldman Doctor
Departments Head
Department of Metrology and Standardization Sergey Nehoda
Department of Testing and Certification Aleksandr Ivanov
Department of manufacturing technology of ceramics and ceramic-metal assemblies Igor Panfilov
Department of Information Technology Igor Mnev