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Coordination of the Institute departments activities on metrological support in the field of optical and physical measurements


Chief metrologist of the VNIIOFI , Head of Department Sergey Hegoda

Deputy Head of Department Natalia Petrova


Main activities

  • Analysis of the Standard base (RB) and the development of proposals on standard improvement, optimization of the RB composition and structure
  • Improvement of the system of ensuring the uniformity of optical and physical measurements

Main objectives

  • Development of national standards and recommendations on specialization assigned to the Institute
  • Development of the proposals on revision of State standards for state verification schemes, measurement techniques, verification techniques
  • Metrological examination of standard documents in the measurement ranges assigned to VNIIOFI
  • Certification of verification officers on the right to verify the optical-physical measuring instruments
  • Analysis of standard technical documentation on ensuring the uniformity of optical and physical measurements and development of proposals on its improvement and harmonization with international standards within the work of the TK-206 “Standards and verification schemes”
  • Certification of measurement techniques
  • Maintenance of Metrokontrol automated information system (AIS)

Department Standard base

Device for reproduction of the electric field and magnetic flux density measures (DREMD)

Designed for verification of measuring instruments used to control the parameters of electromagnetic fields, electrical networks, computers, household appliances, etc. ... Reproduces pulsed, harmonic and static electric (E) and magnetic (B) fields in the operating volumes of field-generating systems. Reproduction accuracy of electric field is ≤7%, magnetic field - ≤5%

Aerodynamic stand ADS-25/20

Designed for verification, calibration and testing of thermoanemometers and other instruments for measuring the speed and direction of air flow, as well as for conduction of aerodynamic research on the environment protection, meteorology, supply and exhaust ventilation systems, and learning process.

Airflow speed (V) reproduction ranges:
  1. The range from 0.1 to 1.0 m/s, with an error of ±(0,02 + 0,02V) m/s
  2. The range from 0.1 to 20.


  • Certification of measurement techniques
  • Assessment of measurement condition in measuring laboratories for the purpose of verifying the conformity of measurement conditions with the requirements of regulatory documents in the field of optical and physical measurements during preparation of the laboratories to be accredited for the right to perform verification and calibration
  • Organization of activities on certification of testing equipment
  • Examination of standard technical documentation
  • Verification and calibration of instruments for measuring electric and magnetic fields
  • Verification of instruments for measuring the air flow parameters
  • Verification of temperature, pressure and humidity measuring instruments
  • Development of verification methods