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Technology development and output of products used as heat-resistant, vacuum-tight, insulating and wear-resistant ceramics


Head of Department Igor Panfilov

Deputy Head of Department Yevgeniy Ignatenko


Main activities

Output of products using modern technology of ceramics production

Developments and products

The Department of Technical Ceramics develops technologies of ceramics and metal ceramics production and release products made of high alumina technical ceramics used as:

  • heat-resistant ceramics
  • vacuum-tight ceramics
  • insulating ceramics
  • wear-resistant ceramics

Scope of ceramics and metal ceramics

in the oil and gas industry

  • ceramic nozzles of drilling rig hydraulic monitor
  • elements of stop valves
  • ceramic rings for fountain sliding shutters (steel-ceramic)
  • ceramic bearings for pumps
  • sandblasting nozzle installations
  • devices producing sulfur from natural gas and other.

in the automotive industry:

  • mechanical seals for friction couples ceramics-graphite
  • ceramic composite materials, elements, and other valves.

in the textile industry:

  • thread guides
  • eyes
  • die textile machinery etc.

Ceramic products made of vacuum-tight alumina material are used in electronic vacuum and photoelectric devices, electro-optical transducers, pulse X-ray tubes, electronic switches, discharge lamps, warmed to 500 ° C and other types of devices.

Heat-resistant ceramics

High-temperature heat-resistant ceramics is characterized by an optimal combination of heat resistance, high insulating properties and mechanical strength at temperatures of 1600 degrees Celsius. Depending on the purpose its open porosity may vary between 18 and 30%.

Vacuum-tight and insulating ceramics

Has a high dielectric strength, high specific electrical resistance, good chemical and radiation resistance, compared to the other ceramic materials, it has significantly higher stability against temperature variations along with a good thermal conductivity at temperatures up to 1750 ° C.

Wear-resistant ceramics

Introduction of mineralisers enables to inhibit crystal growth during sintering of ceramics and produce ceramic articles featuring a denser fine crystalline structure, high mechanical strength, abrasion resistance and ability to work in aggressive environments and at high temperatures.


Geometric shape, size and specific technical requirements for products and ceramics are determined by the customer.